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We would like to introduce the Holiday Beverages 21 Club! This club is for anyone who has recently turned 21 and would like to take part in some great events put on by Holiday Beverages and local businesses.   We will be setting up informal Alcohol Etiquette and Beer Schools that will hosted by great area restaurants.   These events will inform you on the proper use of alcohol and educate you about topics in the beverage industry.   At most events you will get to sample different beer styles and discuss the social do’s and don’ts of bar etiquette.

We would like you to stop by Holiday Beverages if you would like to sign up and join our club. We will include you on our email list to inform you of upcoming events and activities. Please follow us on Twitter @HolidayBevInc and like us on Facebook to see all of our up to date events and information! Thanks and Congrats on turning 21!
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